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Technology for Abundant Life

SonSet Solutions provides technology-based solutions to advance the gospel worldwide. It takes a multitude of people with diverse skill sets to accomplish this mission. Experience what it is like to be used by God! Join a passionate team of individuals working together to utilize their knowledge, skills and experience to help others, and make an impact for Christ.

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Clean Water Project

Clean water

Clean water is something that most of us take for granted. But this is not the case for over 750 million people throughout the world. But even after a source of clean water has been developed, there must be ongoing maintenance.

We wanted to help. SonSet Solutions pioneered a remote monitoring technology for clean water systems. Using tailored devices and onboard sensors, SonSetLink collects pump-performance data from hand pumps and solar-powered pumps. It then transmits the data via satellite to a web server accessible via mobile app or web-based dashboard. Customizable notifications share data that allow for predictive maintenance. This minimizes pump downtime, allowing communities to have unbroken access to clean water.

SonSet Solutions and SonSetLink allow the streamlined monitoring of water pumps with fewer man hours. What previously required hours or longer traveling to remote locations, sometimes through dangerous territory in order to check on a pump, is now done remotely.

Your help enables us to place these monitors in more communities to ensure they continue to have clean water.

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