A Voice in the Desert

Ben Manthi serves his country of Kenya with DIGUNA, a German ministry. They have assisted our Broadcast Solutions Team with radio projects on various occasions. Recently it was our turn to assist them. With Ben’s help, Radio Ashe Samburu went on the air in 2020 to reach the Ichamus, Samburu, and Massai peoples near southern Lake Turkana in Kenya. Ben’s heart for spreading the gospel, however, has extended much farther north to some of the remotest parts of his country.

Ben has been taking missions teams to the northeastern shores of Lake Turkana to the Daasanche people of Illeret for years. On one visit, Ben met with government officials who expressed their dire need for a radio station from which they could communicate with the local people. Radio Ashe Samburu took up the challenge. However, getting a radio license so close to the Ethiopian border was not an easy task. Security threats in Illeret were also a major concern. Permission was eventually granted. In June of 2022, Radio Ashe Illeret went on the air. Government officials, Bible translators, NGOs, pastors and the community from as far away as the Ethiopian border gathered for the dedication.

In addition to coverage maps and the FM transmitter, SonSet Solutions was approached with another need – SonSet® radios. Ben learned that the Daasanache don’t own radios because they have never had a radio station to listen to before. He was asked to bring some solar radios for them. We are answering this request from the community by sending 720 solar radios, funded through our Delivering God’s Word campaign.

Ben is guided by Romans 15:21, “… but as it is written, ‘Those who have never been told of him will see, and those who have never heard will understand.’”  Bringing God’s Word to those who need to hear, is our passion too.

By Doug Weber, December 2022

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