An Experience That Changed My View

Tyler working as an intern at SonSet Solutions

When I first heard about SonSet Solutions, I had no idea there was an organization that uses technology-based solutions to advance the gospel worldwide. At the time, I had just walked away from SonSet Solutions’ table at Urbana22, holding a pamphlet in my hand about their summer internship program, and I knew that the Lord was working in my heart. I had been looking for an engineering internship opportunity to gain some skills and make some money, but what I found was a chance to help develop devices that will serve as vehicles for the gospel message to reach the unreached. That felt way more exciting.

Interning at SonSet Solutions has significantly changed the way I view the call to missions and my understanding of God’s will for the work of the Church in the world. Over the course of the summer, I have been contributing my technical skills to the mission of the Church in ways I never knew I could. I have been involved with the mechanical aspects of several projects, using CAD to model parts for 3D printing and machining, and designing the layout of a few printed circuit boards. It has been a blast, and I have grown a lot as a designer, an engineer, and a follower of Jesus.

The biggest difference between SonSet Solutions’ internship program and other engineering internship programs is the level of involvement and the commitment to the mission. The team here has truly invested in me and entrusted me with real, meaningful work. All the development that I helped with actually counted for something, and I was so engaged in everything I did because I knew the impact it would have. If you are looking for an opportunity to serve the Lord with your summer, please check out SonSet Solutions.

By Tyler Larsen, September 2023

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