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More Than a Temporary Fix

“Please! Will you fix our pump too?” a man called out as he jumped off his bicycle and ran toward the service vehicle which was laboring slowly over the overgrown dirt path. The crew had spotted him peddling through the tall grass. He was on a mission and his plea was urgent.

The crew was on a mission too. One pump had been repaired that day and they had others scheduled before returning to the capital city. The problem was, this particular pump was not on their list. A Malawian national who serves our ministry partner had to make a quick decision. Would the team have enough time and supplies to do all of the scheduled upgrades? Resources were precious and the needs great.

Stephen, SonSet Solutions’ missionary, watched as the Malawian got out and examined the pump. It was not only broken, but had been disassembled with parts lying on the ground. This pump, like so many others they were upgrading, had been out of service for at least a year.

The crew leader waved for the others to join him, and together they repaired and upgraded the pump.

Stephen, joined by ministry workers that we have equipped with SonSetLink™ technology, traveled once again to Malawi to accomplish a critical work – not simply fixing broken Afridev pumps, which often fail after just six months of use, but upgrading them. SonSet Solutions upgrade kits target five common failure points on this type of pump. With the addition of remote satellite monitoring, teams can perform needed maintenance and keep the clean water flowing.

So far, 80 villages in Malawi have these modifications, and reliable water now flows into the buckets of approximately 70,000 people.

Our mission is not just about water. The gospel was preached in many villages. Hundreds responded and were connected with local churches. If it were not for the provision of reliable water, these doors of opportunity for the gospel might not have opened.

Written by Erica Simone, May 2021 (

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