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Solving Power Problems

Leon with a power protection device.

About 70% of radio transmitters fail because of bad power, which constitutes the majority of the transmitter repairs SonSet Solutions faces. The damaged transmitters can result in a station being off the air for weeks or months, crippling their outreach. One such station is Radio Lumiere in Haiti. For over 40 years, they have frequently […]

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Empowering our partners

Trevor with a scope.

Years ago, one of our SonSet Solutions technicians took a trip to help partner ministries in the Asia-Pacific Region of the world. When he arrived, there were twenty-two radio transmitters in need of repair. Oftentimes, our partner ministries do not have the expertise needed to repair and maintain the technology they use. During this trip

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A Third of Us

A third of us

There are 3,000,000,000 people who have seldom, if ever, heard the name of Jesus. SonSet Solutions is part of an initiative called “A Third of Us.” This is an effort by a coalition of ministries dedicated to reaching that third of our world’s population who have never heard the gospel. The International Day for the

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A Decision to Return

“Lord, what am I doing here?” a Navajo woman often ponders. Jenna never planned to move back to the reservation. Since childhood, all she longed for was to move away, breaking free from the poverty and hopelessness on the “rez.” Jenna’s parents were believers in the Lord Jesus and pastored a church among the Native

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In the Hands of a Child

Liberty Transformation Church stands faithfully in the midst of a largely Muslim community in Uganda. Pastor Ronald began with only five people. Today, more than 200 attend. Pastor Ronald’s heart for ministry spurs him to do things to create relationships with the community, such as the installation of a clean water well next to the

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