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A Decision to Return

“Lord, what am I doing here?” a Navajo woman often ponders. Jenna never planned to move back to the reservation. Since childhood, all she longed for was to move away, breaking free from the poverty and hopelessness on the “rez.” Jenna’s parents were believers in the Lord Jesus and pastored a church among the Native

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In the Hands of a Child

Liberty Transformation Church stands faithfully in the midst of a largely Muslim community in Uganda. Pastor Ronald began with only five people. Today, more than 200 attend. Pastor Ronald’s heart for ministry spurs him to do things to create relationships with the community, such as the installation of a clean water well next to the

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Transforming Families

Belize, a Central American country nicknamed “the Jewel of the Caribbean,” is known for its variety of distinct cultures. The geography boasts pristine beaches, lush rain forests, and rainbow-colored reefs; however, something has been creating fractures in this gem of the Caribbean, namely, the breakdown of the family. Burdened by the need for stronger marriages

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God Answers Prayer

Dr. Dan Kletzing can testify to the power and the faithfulness of our God as he followed a calling to provide the gospel message to lost families in rural Belize. Dr. Kletzing was introduced to the people of Belize while on a medical missions trip. Sometime after that trip, he felt a call to return

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In God’s Hands

We have applied our hands toward something new. We are rolling out the third generation of the SonSet® radio, and we are excited about the new possibilities this will provide in the advance of the gospel. For the past 16 years, over 76,000 SonSet radios have been proclaiming words of hope from Christian radio stations on

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Transmitting Joy

The Kigoma Region of Tanzania has a population of over two-million people, and its central city of Kigoma is fertile ground for a message of hope. Missionaries Lowell and Claudia Wertz, from Joy in the Harvest, offer that hope through their station, Radio JOY. Since 2016, they have provided quality programming with gospel broadcasts interwoven

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My Life Has Changed

“Life was difficult,” Margaret said with emotion as though reliving the pain of the past. Margaret was an older woman whose kind face and warm smile belied the many years of hardship she and her family had experienced. “Sometimes we had to go two days without water … We were using contaminated water from the

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