Discover Your Mission

Bryan with children in Tanzania

Discover your mission. SonSet Solutions uses this phrase to summarize the purpose of our Discover program, a one-year service opportunity designed to help recent graduates explore ways of using their professional skills in a ministry context.

This is an apt description of my personal experience going through Discover. When I graduated from college, I had very little clarity about my direction and wrestled with how to build my adult post-grad life. Being a part of Discover at SonSet Solutions was not only a great opportunity to see how I could use my professional skills in ministry, it established God’s mission for the world as the foundation for my life, wherever God takes me in the future. In staff devotions each morning, my mind was opened to other people and places as we prayed for different ministries and people groups from around the world. Through trips to Panama and Tanzania, which I was able to take as part of the program, I was exposed to the realities that people deal with in other parts of the world and also experienced the beauty of these other cultures first-hand.

I also learned much about discerning God’s will, both in deciding to go into Discover and deciding to continue at SonSet Solutions full time afterward. Through the lengthy times of wrestling with where God was leading me, trying to discern a “calling,” I learned that all Christians have only one call, one mission, which is to make disciples of all nations. There are many roles in which we can do that, but the call is the same. This was groundbreaking for me and helped me take my next step.   

Discover gave me the opportunity to do meaningful work that directly contributed to furthering the gospel all around the world and was a huge factor in helping me discover my mission in life.

By Bryan Jackson, April 2023

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