Eager Ears

In rural Papua New Guinea (PNG) people must arduously venture through the expansive and untamed wilderness to find even basic healthcare facilities. Recently, a pregnant woman made such a journey to one of these remote medical clinics for a checkup. Little did she know that she would set foot on the path to salvation in Christ that day. Upon her arrival at the clinic, she sat on a large grassy lawn. It made for an impromptu lobby that was filled with other patients like herself who were eagerly awaiting treatment. The book of Matthew resounded from a Solar Ministry Toolkit (SMT) for all to hear, but she was not just another head in the crowd as the word of God impacted the woman that day.

The gospel galvanized the woman, and her curiosity ran wild, so she spoke with the nurse about what she had heard. This sparked a relationship between her and the nurse. Every time the woman went to the clinic, she would soak in the gospel playing aloud through the SMT as she waited on the lawn. Conversation after conversation followed with the nurse. Eventually, the woman would give her life to Christ, and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

 SonSet Solutions has been working with Nazarene Missions Services (NMS) and their remote medical facilities in PNG. Our Solar Ministry Toolkits have provided these off-the-grid clinics with places to charge their cell phones, and gospel-filled media to play aloud. Jordan Thompson from NMS says, “It’s been a great aid to our ministry there, and just a great utilization of all these people with ears to listen and to hear.” People without Christ have been able to find Him through the use of technology, and the gospel continues to advance in this great ministry.

By Anderson Benner, November 2023

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