Great Distress – Greater Hope

Death, destruction, uncertainty, floods, food insecurity, bitter-cold winter days, missiles exploding in the night, electricity a “sometimes thing.” These words describe daily life in much of the country of Ukraine. Imagine living like this, raising a family, trying to feed your children, unable to use your cell phone to call relatives and know whether they are alive. The Ukrainian people are experiencing unimaginable hardship during the current season of war. Yet, amid this tragedy, God is at work.

SonSet Solutions has partnered with Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) to provide our Solar Ministry Toolkits to 20 evangelical churches close to the front lines of the battle. SGA has dubbed these “Solar Power Survival Sets” because that is what they are!

This technology is opening doors for church leaders to share Christ, the living hope, with many who are experiencing hopelessness. Even when there is no electricity, the churches can use this system for lighting their meetings and charging cell phones and flashlights.

Pastor Viktor wrote, “The new solar panels and components that arrived proved especially valuable today when electricity can be out at any time. This system helps the believers of our church family, other churches, and non-believers as well. It is a great tool for evangelism that allows us to take the first steps to a non-believer, encouraging them to come to the House of Prayer, and to Christ!”

The frontline city of Gulyaipole is under constant assault and the church can no longer gather in its regular place. Instead, the “Solar Power Survival Set” has been delivered to a large bomb shelter where the ministry will continue by blessing people who come there during blackouts. Here they find not only battery-charging stations, but food, shelter, comfort, love, and the gospel. In a time of great distress, God is bringing help, hope and healing to the people of Ukraine.

By Barbara Anderson, July 2023

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