Helpers in the Gospel

Mike demonstrating how to use the Solar Media equipment.

“The greatest need [challenge] at most churches we’ve planted is lack of power,” said Bishop Williams Yindi, founder of Unreached Peoples Mission (UPM) in Tanzania. Williams is responsible for the planting of over 200 rural churches across a country that is twice the size of California.  

Two SonSet Solutions staff members traveled to Tanzania to install four Solar Media Centers funded by a church in the United States. These solar-powered systems were installed at four different churches and each consisted of four LED lights, two small speakers, a microphone, an amplifier, and a media device containing Christian content that can be downloaded to anyone’s smart phone.

The pastors of these churches were overjoyed and grateful for this technology. They talked about how no one comes to the church at night. They excitedly said that solar-powered lights will enable them to read their Bibles during the night, hold overnight prayer services, and literally be a light to their communities!

Pastor Amos of the church in Ilollo believes in the importance of making noise in worshiping God. He said that the sound system will greatly empower both the worship and his preaching, allowing for a greater witness to the community around them.

Bishop Williams declared that his vision for UPM is to take the Good News to every tribe in Tanzania, specifically in the bush areas where many missionaries do not go. He has aspirations of getting many more Solar Media Centers for other rural churches he has already planted, many of which face the same obstacles to their ministry as these four churches.

We at SonSet Solutions love partnering with gospel-centered ministries like Unreached Peoples Mission to aid local believers through solar power and other technology. In the words of Pastor John of Mang’ola Church, “[Solar Media Centers] [are] our helpers in the gospel, to spread the word of God. So, this is a good witness for Jesus.”

By Bryan Jackson, November 2022

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