Reaching the Inaccessible

“How will these refugees be reached with the gospel of peace and hope in Jesus Christ?” This was the question posed to our Broadcast Solutions Team by one of the leaders of ACROSS, a ministry based in South Sudan. He was not speaking of the 2.5 million refugees who had fled in 2013 when civil war broke out in the country. He was referring to the 1.5 million internally displaced people who stayed but sought shelter in some of the most isolated parts of their own homeland. Now residing in almost inaccessible regions, they find themselves outside the reach of Christian FM radio stations which cover the more populated cities in the country.

Engineers from SonSet Solutions worked with ACROSS to design and consult on the installation of a lower-power shortwave radio station using our regional 1kW TB-1000 transmitter and Lazy-8 antenna. These two technologies, when combined, give the station the ability to cover the entire country of South Sudan. Listeners are now hearing the gospel over the airwaves and interacting with the radio through social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Jacob, a listener, says, “Good News Radio has become my friend. It is my dream to be listening to the Word of God every day and to receive this training. … I give thanks to God for Good News Radio!” Another listener, Joseph, responded, “I love listening to Good News Radio every time because it is showing me the way of God through the good news of Jesus Christ.”

In 2021, SonSet Solutions also sent 640 SonSet® radios to increase audience access to the station. This year we plan to send another 960 radios, all funded through our SonSet Radios: Delivering God’s Word campaign. Vince Ward from Good News Radio says, “This dream of saturating South Sudan with gospel-centered radio programming has become a reality. All glory to God!” We say, “Amen!”

Written by Doug Weber, May 2022

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