Three Students – One Purpose

Three university students

Three different students from three different universities with three different majors. So what could the three of us have in common? We all share the desire to use our natural talents along with our college experience to serve the Lord and advance the gospel. That desire and willingness to follow God’s leading is what brought us to SonSet Solutions this summer.

Each of us in our own way felt God calling us to this experience. Kun Kang, an intern from Calvin University, said, “I considered SonSet Solutions because I felt like God was calling me here for reasons that He did not reveal to me until I actually got here. I decided to go to exercise my faith, and through this experience here, I was able to learn what is important in life.”

Jacob Poole, an intern from Grace College, said that this experience has helped him to learn practical skills in his field of mechanical engineering as well as grow his understanding of missions work and the gospel.

I never expected the Lord to lead me, a communication major from Bethel University, to a mission organization focused on engineering and technology. It has been such a wonderful experience for me to watch how God can use my passions and skills for his glory.

We are so grateful for this family. Each member of the SonSet Solutions team has not only welcomed and encouraged us but have been truly invested in our professional and spiritual development. This internship has grown us all, not only professionally but also in our relationships – most importantly in our walk with God. Jacob Poole said, “I think my time here has helped me better understand missions, the responsibility of all Christians to spread the gospel, and the needs of people all over the world.”  It is a great blessing to use our passions and talents to share the gospel.

Written by Sierra Adams, 2022 Summer Intern, September 2022

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