Ministry Projects

Give to Australia Shortwave Radio Broadcast Engineering

Brent and Shelley have served with HCJB Global/Reach Beyond first in Ecuador and now in Melbourne, Australia. Brent is a broadcast engineer providing technical support for the studio and broadcast facilities while Shelley produces and schedules audio programming from numerous partners, sharing the message of hope in 30 different languages via shortwave radio to Asia. Brent recently worked with SonSet Solutions Inc. on their development team for Digital Shortwave Radio.

Give to Community Development – Clean Water

Clean water is vitally important for life. Statistics indicate that around one billion people don’t have access to clean water. SonSet Solutions provides a water monitor solution which helps other ministries use limited resources to provide clean water for more communities.

Give to Consulting Engineers / Water / IT

Bill and Emily Cheung have served faithfully with HCJB Global/Reach Beyond in Ecuador and in North Africa/Middle East. Bill is a specialist in internet ministries and a consulting engineer. Emily is a water engineer specializing in hydroelectric projects. They are involved in both regional and global engineering as well as media projects in a number of creative access countries. Bill and Emily’s skills also serve as an asset in the water project ministries of SonSet Solutions Inc.

Give to Ecuador Discipleship and IT

Barry and Marlene Hamm served more than 18 years with HCJB Global/Reach Beyond in Quito, Ecuador. Barry now serves as an IT specialist for SonSet Solutions Canada. In Ecuador they are involved in community outreach ministry through evangelism, discipleship, and translation.

Give to Mbingo Radiotherapy Project

Quinn Tobin is serving at the Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon. He is performing engineering design and construction inspection services for the construction of the radiation facility.

Aid for the Earthquake-affected area in Morocco — Through our contacts in Spain, we can send aid directly to the communities affected by the September 8, 2023, earthquake in Morocco where the death toll is currently at more than 3,000 people. Pastor David Bianchi, pastor of the Fuente de Paz Baptist Church, is also in charge of the Evangelical Union of Baptist Churches in Spain’s Social Ministry, which includes international emergency response. He has contact with colleagues working in Morocco that can get aid directly to affected people.

Help support the NAME Work Team project for this year.

Give to North America Creative Director / Media

Doug and Ruth Weber have served with SonSet Solutions since August of 2014. They started their missionary career in 1990 when they joined Reach Beyond to serve at radio station HCJB in Quito, Ecuador. Doug is an electrical engineer and served in that role with HCJB for many years until eventually becoming the Media Director for the Latin American region of Reach Beyond. He also gained experience with using social media tools to enhance the outreach and effectiveness of the radio ministry. Ruth taught third grade at the Alliance Academy International school in Quito for several years and then specialized in helping students with special needs. The Weber’s also assisted in the planting of two local Spanish churches while in Ecuador.

Doug is currently the Creative Director for SonSet Solutions’ Nikkel Media Works, leads the PR/Communications team, and participates in Funding Development. He loves to tell inspiring stories of how God is using technology to advance the gospel around the world. Ruth is a reading resource teacher at a local Christian elementary school. She continues to use her Spanish language skills at the school, which includes a Spanish immersion program for those students who wish to learn Spanish. The Webers have four adult children, one of whom is married.

Give to Solar Electric Solutions for Ministry Partners

Earl and Cathy have served as missionaries with HCJB Global/Reach Beyond for over 33 years, ministering in both Ecuador and Papua New Guinea. Earl has upgraded his Project Manager certificate and studied solar energy to be well prepared for his current assignment.

Almost all ministries today use digital technology to share the message of Jesus. However, what do you do when there is no power, or very unreliable power in the area where you need to minister? To solve these problems, Earl is working with SonSet Solutions Inc. so they can provide their partner ministries with solar electric solutions.

Give to Solar Ministry Tool Kits

In locations where electricity is spotty and computers aren’t practical, people are accessing content on their mobile phones. How can Christian content be made available to these people? We have created a small, Wi-Fi-based Solar Ministry Tool Kit to make Christian programming available for download. Often equipped with other modules such as a phone charging station, it is powered by the sun via its solar panel. These were called Solar Media Centers, but the new name better reflects what the devices are and their intended use.

Give to SonSet Radios

We want to provide SonSet Solar powered radios for Papua New Guinea and our partner radio station, Wantok Radio Light.
It is our joy to invite you to pray and, as the Lord leads you, to be a part of this SonSet Solutions Canada outreach. The fund needs $6,000 with each SonSet radio costing CD$60, which includes shipping.

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