A Heart for the Nation!

Radio Voice of Hope (VOH) has a heart for the nation. They began their broadcasting ministry in the city of Bujumbura in 2008 at the …

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Solar powered hospital

Kibuye Hope Hospital is located in the Republic of Burundi, a small and poor, landlocked country in Africa bordered by Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic …

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Christmas 2022

Christmas 2022   Dear Friends, I am certain that these unusual times continue to be as challenging for you as they are for us. If it …

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Off the Grid – But Not Forgotten

Navigating the terrain to the health clinic in Wafa Village was arduous. Jordan and his three national employees drove through rivers and hiked several miles …

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SonSetLink™ – What is it?

SonSetLink™ is a technology developed by SonSet Solutions to monitor the activity of community water handpumps to minimize downtime and shortages of clean water. There …

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Connecting the Dots

It began with excited children at a church in the United States and ended with curious children crowded around the installation of solar-powered technology in …

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