A Light in the Darkness

“Your ground is no good! You will never grow anything there. Go away!” the local people told David, a Tanzanian farmer, now a church planter. Despite their opposition, “he cleared the land, tilled the soil, planted, and his crops grew!” As a result, his respect in the village grew too. And when he planted a church, this respect helped with the gospel outreach. However, a sporadic electricity supply limited their outreach activities.

In October 2023, Multiplication Network provided this church with a SonSet Solutions Solar Ministry Toolkit (SMT). These toolkits are small, solar-powered systems that can be used to power a few ministry-enhancing tools. The toolkits delivered to these villages included solar panels, a battery, a projector, a cell phone charger module, speakers, an amplifier with FM radio and microphone, and all the wiring for lights and speakers.

On Sunday, after a solar panel was installed at Pastor David’s home (for improved security), Pastor David showed the Jesus Film using the SMT, which brought a small crowd. A Muslim boy in the crowd watched the film, talked with Pastor David, and gave his life to Christ!

In another village, twenty-four church leaders met for a leadership training session in Pastor Hery’s home. Suddenly, the electricity went out and it was very dark! Oh no! It happened again! But this time they were able to finish their training session. The LED lights in a second SMT provided by Multiplication Network allowed them to continue working.

According to Multiplication Network’s November 2023 newsletter, these “Solar Ministry Toolkits are a light in the darkness, both physically as well as spiritually!” People no longer have to walk in darkness, but they can follow Jesus and have the light that leads to life (John 8:12). Pray for SonSet Solutions and their partners as they use these tools to present the gospel to people in remote locations.

By Sandra Shortt, April 2024

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