Eager Ears

In rural Papua New Guinea (PNG) people must arduously venture through the expansive and untamed wilderness to find even basic healthcare facilities. Recently, a pregnant woman made such a journey to one of these remote medical clinics for a checkup. Little did she know that she would set foot on the path to salvation in […]

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Connecting the Dots

It began with excited children at a church in the United States and ended with curious children crowded around the installation of solar-powered technology in a church in Tanzania. We at SonSet Solutions love connecting churches in the U.S. with our international ministry partners. One of the ways we do this is by offering the

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Helpers in the Gospel

Mike demonstrating how to use the Solar Media equipment.

“The greatest need [challenge] at most churches we’ve planted is lack of power,” said Bishop Williams Yindi, founder of Unreached Peoples Mission (UPM) in Tanzania. Williams is responsible for the planting of over 200 rural churches across a country that is twice the size of California.   Two SonSet Solutions staff members traveled to Tanzania

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In the Hands of a Child

Liberty Transformation Church stands faithfully in the midst of a largely Muslim community in Uganda. Pastor Ronald began with only five people. Today, more than 200 attend. Pastor Ronald’s heart for ministry spurs him to do things to create relationships with the community, such as the installation of a clean water well next to the

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My Life Has Changed

“Life was difficult,” Margaret said with emotion as though reliving the pain of the past. Margaret was an older woman whose kind face and warm smile belied the many years of hardship she and her family had experienced. “Sometimes we had to go two days without water … We were using contaminated water from the

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