A Glimmer of Hope

Delivering SonSet® Radios in Ukraine

Delivering SonSet® Radios in Ukraine Where would you turn for hope during a time of war and desperation? On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, and there has been incredible suffering and despair for many. However, there is a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. In March of 2022, SonSet Solutions asked a partner ministry, TWR, […]

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A Voice in the Desert

Ben Manthi serves his country of Kenya with DIGUNA, a German ministry. They have assisted our Broadcast Solutions Team with radio projects on various occasions. Recently it was our turn to assist them. With Ben’s help, Radio Ashe Samburu went on the air in 2020 to reach the Ichamus, Samburu, and Massai peoples near southern

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A Decision to Return

“Lord, what am I doing here?” a Navajo woman often ponders. Jenna never planned to move back to the reservation. Since childhood, all she longed for was to move away, breaking free from the poverty and hopelessness on the “rez.” Jenna’s parents were believers in the Lord Jesus and pastored a church among the Native

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Transforming Families

Belize, a Central American country nicknamed “the Jewel of the Caribbean,” is known for its variety of distinct cultures. The geography boasts pristine beaches, lush rain forests, and rainbow-colored reefs; however, something has been creating fractures in this gem of the Caribbean, namely, the breakdown of the family. Burdened by the need for stronger marriages

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