Clean From the Inside Out

What if you woke up one day, turned on the water in your home, and it was dirty or contaminated — unfit to drink? We, fortunately, live in a country that provides clean water for us right out of the tap. This is not the case for many people in the rest of the world. Many must find clean water to drink daily. Thankfully, there are ministries like Healing Waters International (HWI) whose goal is to provide clean, safe water in many countries that don’t have it readily available. HWI has recently started to use our new SonSetLink® Solar units to monitor their clean water pumps.

Cody Hall, our Community Development Team leader, traveled to Honduras in August to help Jacob Johnston from HWI install three SonSetLink Solar units from an initial pilot of 11 monitors that were sent to them. Cody also trained Jacob and the national staff on the proper installation and setup of the technology, so that they can install the remaining eight units. HWI is monitoring both the water flow pump and the pump that “doses” the water with chlorine. By comparing the data from both pumps, they can ensure that the water being delivered to the community is properly chlorinated and safe to drink.

HWI is a ministry that teaches communities about water safety, sanitation, and hygiene. Their curriculum uses scriptures from Psalm 139 for children, and Proverbs 31 for women. We are thankful that we can be part of this ministry by monitoring their clean water pumps with our SonSetLink Solar units. We are part of allowing these people to have clean water, come to know Jesus and live a healthy and productive life. These people are learning to be clean from the inside out.

By Ruth Weber, November 2023

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