In the Hands of a Child

Liberty Transformation Church stands faithfully in the midst of a largely Muslim community in Uganda. Pastor Ronald began with only five people. Today, more than 200 attend. Pastor Ronald’s heart for ministry spurs him to do things to create relationships with the community, such as the installation of a clean water well next to the church. In spite of the occasional rock that flies through the windows of the church during services, he often knocks on the doors of his neighbors to introduce himself and tell them about Jesus.

A church in Illinois connected SonSet Solutions to Pastor Ronald, and soon we were talking about technology options that could deepen the impact of their Ugandan church partner. Pastor Ronald felt the Solar Media Center would provide the most benefit for his ministry. So early this year, Mike Tapia, our Power Solutions Team leader, travelled to Uganda to install the system consisting of several LED lamps, a cell phone charger, two outdoor loud speakers, and a Wi-Fi hotspot which now contain the Jesus Film, sermons, gospel music, and Bible readings.

Pastor Ronald said recently, “Sunday School children are now able to watch the story of Jesus that we have been teaching them.” He has also seen a 50% reduction in his power consumption due to the solar-powered lighting. He now wants to install a small studio in the church with the hopes of being able to broadcast live audio over the loud speakers, which are located near the water well.

As Mike and three local men were installing the system, a young boy appeared at the door where Mike was installing equipment. Unable to speak English, he held out a smartphone. Sensing what the youngster wanted, Mike took the device from him and began to stream the Jesus Film on the phone. The boy left content, watching the story of Jesus as he walked.

Mike commented, “There are so many rural pastors with needs like this.” Solar Media Centres are helping more and more pastors share the love of Jesus with their communities.

Written by Doug Weber, 2022-03-01

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