My Life Has Changed

“Life was difficult,” Margaret said with emotion as though reliving the pain of the past. Margaret was an older woman whose kind face and warm smile belied the many years of hardship she and her family had experienced.

“Sometimes we had to go two days without water … We were using contaminated water from the river.”

Life was hard in Kanamot, a village in the northwest region of Kenya. Women of the village spent so much time collecting water, they often didn’t return until late at night and didn’t have time for cooking. The children would have to go a full day without eating.

Cody Hall, SonSet Solutions’ Community Development Team leader, interviewed Margaret while Erick Johnson, a former intern now raising support to join our apprenticeship program, steadied the video camera and microphone. Margaret was expressive, making motions with her hands as she explained the difficult years.

Cody and Erick traveled to Kenya to assist ministry partners on the ground with SonSetLink™ monitoring units. These units keep the clean water flowing and help maintain the relationships of trust these ministries have established with those they serve.

A ministry team from Christian Relief Fund planted a church in Kanamot. Another team followed by drilling a borehole and installing a clean water pump. When Cody and Erick arrived to train a local leader on the installation of a SonSetLink monitor, the church members walked out to their truck welcoming them with singing as they drove to the site. Clean water is often used by ministries to open the door for the gospel. In this case, SonSet Solutions is supporting the local church in their efforts to love and care for the people through the message of the gospel.

Margaret, a believer and member of this Kenyan church, had been praying that God would provide clean water. “My life has changed … because water has come.” Our prayer is that the SonSetLink monitor will ensure that this clean water continues to flow and brings positive, eternal change for years to come.

Written by Erica Simone, December 2021

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