Solar powered hospital

Kibuye Hope Hospital is located in the Republic of Burundi, a small and poor, landlocked country in Africa bordered by Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

With a population of close to 13 million and only about 1,300 doctors, medical care can be difficult to obtain, especially in the rural areas like Kibuye.

This evangelical mission hospital is a 300-bed installation that provides basic and more advanced health care for the people in the area. The Christian medical staff treat the physical ailments of the patients but also invest time sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the patients and their family and friends, so healing can go beyond the physical to include the spiritual.

With a goal of having electricty 24/7, the hospital and the Kibuye compound had installed phase 1 of their solar system. Earl Hartwig joined an I-TEC team to work on completing phase 2 of the project by installing an additional 330 solar panels, 48 solar batteries, and 9 inverters – in three weeks.

The team finished installing the firmware, and the system is operating as designed – both the hospital and the Kibuye compound can run on solar power.

Staff reporter, January 2023

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